Smart Savings @ 7% and Deposits @ 9%. Don’t miss!

//Smart Savings @ 7% and Deposits @ 9%. Don’t miss!


Smart Savings @ 7% and Deposits @ 9%. Don’t miss!

What compels you to park your hard-earned money with banks? Is it to keep your money safe? Is it to manage your liquidity and facilitate easy transactions? Is it to obtain guidance regarding financial decisions? Or is it for a larger purpose, which is to provide banks the ability to lend to people who really need their services? Whichever the reason may be, our guess is that it will surely not be for interest rates you earn!

With the decreasing rates offered by the largest banks of the country, with deposit rates being slashed down to half in a matter of few years, it is natural that balances in bank accounts are no longer maintained as investments and many other instruments have gained more popularity.

Not Anymore.

The 101account from Fincare Small Finance Bank offers highest interest rates on deposits and savings accounts*. It offers-

  • 6% p.a. on every rupee you save,
  • 7% p.a. on your savings above Rs 1 lakh,
  • 9% p.a. if you open a fixed deposit for a tenure of 2-3 years,
  • 9.5% p.a. on fixed deposits for a tenure of 2-3 years, if you are as young as 60 years or more!

These are limited period offers and we believe that there is no reason for you to wait anymore but to start investing your money in 101account immediately! Make your money earn for you while you get the benefits of easy transactions, liquidity and safety.

Get yourself the best you deserve and do not settle for anything less. We look forward to your smart move and hope to serve you with your best interests in mind.

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