Knock Knock! Who’s there? Digital Banking With 101 Account Fincare

//Knock Knock! Who’s there? Digital Banking With 101 Account Fincare


Knock Knock! Who’s there? Digital Banking With 101 Account Fincare

“Banking hours” or “Bank branches” are words that are fast fading in today’s technology driven world.  Imagine your friends waiting in queue for popcorn while you wait in queue to deposit money? Doesn’t sound very exciting does it? This is the digital era. So why should banking be confined to challans and cheque leaves alone?  Banking the virtual way is more relatable to this generation and for the generations to come.

Hence, banks have shifted gears and quickly made their way into the digital world. Though older players in the banking industry are still taking baby steps in the digital world, new age banks like Fincare Small Finance Bank have swiftly transformed into smart banking institutions. These banks are a huge hit among millennials and Gen Z who expect everything to be available at the touch of a button.

According to Ron Shelvin “The challenge for banks isn’t becoming” digital”-it’s providing value that is perceived to be in line with the cost-or better yet, providing value that consumers are comfortable paying for.”

Fincare bank offers a digital solution with its FINCARE 101 account where customers can avail a secure, easily accessible and time friendly approach to banking in a matter of seconds. Or we can say it is an era of instant savings account. Biometric authentication makes banking with Fincare 101 seamless and efficient.

Fincare 101 online digital banking account provides freedom to choose among many variants within a single account service. It also offers what is possibly the best Fixed Deposit interest rate up to 9%. For any clarification please visit

You can transfer money, pay bills and open bank accounts from the comfort of your couch. Even SHOPPING, ENTERTAINMENT and TRAVEL is at your fingertips with offers from-

  • Meru
  • Zoom
  • Med Plus
  • Hi.Care  and many more…

Thus, the virtual world of banking is going to be our reality and we are delighted to have you on our Fincare 101 Account journey with us.

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