2 Minute Noodles Bank Account? Yes, it’s for Real!

//2 Minute Noodles Bank Account? Yes, it’s for Real!


2 Minute Noodles Bank Account? Yes, it’s for Real!

Time is money and opening a bank account takes time…or does it?

For a first timer visiting the bank to open an account, the typical drill involves requesting a token, meeting the bank staff who may not be the happiest to greet you, yet will brief you on everything else that the bank has to offer. You blankly stare at him/her asking your queries which may or may not be answered as he/she will be busy shuffling papers on the desk. Finally, you sign a few forms and go home and wait to hear from the bank.

If you are a regular, you simply walk down and ask for the manager, exchange pleasantries, have tea (if you are very regular) and come back satisfied that the bank took good care of your requirements.

Online Banking, the Knight in Shining Armour?

Multiple surveys and sources show increased usage of mobile phones for banking or financial transactions. From transferring money to generating statements, we want everything to be at our fingertips. Given this behavior, many startups have used this as a chance to provide simple and quick options of payments and fund transfers. While these startups have been able to provide quick solutions, they are not the final answer for saving your hard earned money.

Banking as per the notion of many has become “much more bearable” after it has entered the online space. It has become much easier to download the app or log in online than visit the branch in person. Here are a few reasons why online banking has gained popularity,

  • Remember waiting for long hours for your token number to be called? You won’t need to, after you start operating online.
  • Distance doesn’t matter anymore. Send money back home within minutes of getting your salary.
  • Best of all, never lose track on your bank transactions and important bank information as everything is now online. Pieces of paper are hard to maintain, we understand!

Fincare’s primary vision is to be customer-convenient, technology-led and be a front-runner in smart banking. We ideate our online banking processes keeping these values in mind.

Open your Bank Account in 2 Minutes. But How?

101 account by Fincare Small Finance Bank makes opening a savings account hassle-free with very few simple steps that can be done from anywhere, at any time. Keep your Aadhar card and PAN card handy with a stable internet connection and simply open up the registration page of 101account.com to get yourself a savings account.

Opening a bank account has never been easier. No need to visit the branch as we will have personnel visit you for your verification (RBI has called this verification process as Full KYC). So, go on, open your account as your noodles are being prepared and enjoy smart banking!

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